(Random) Experiments

Just being myself
Just a room for my experimentations. It's going to be a heavy page

*01 - Shader time*. With Patricio Gonzalez Vivo I had the amazing opportunity to spend two days on experimentanting with shaders and machine learning. This is one of the result of a machine learning process made with the ai-model Prisma, on which Daniele Ciminieri and I have then created a shader that use the movements flows to generate a colored feedback.

*02 - Generative sounds*. This experiment explores the question "what if we could perceive the traffic in the sky as we perceive the traffic in the cities?". The tool of this exploration has been generative audio tools (thank you Tero Parviainen <3 ) and web code. Nicola Ariutti, Stefano Orsini and I have explored the amazing world of generative sounds in the web by creating a web app capable to geolocalize all the airplanes above the users given its position. Those data has been obtained thanks to an amazing API from FlightRadar24, and converted in generative sounds (noises) to make the user aware: if the planes are not visible, it doesn't mean that they have no effect on us, and this project aim to move a reflection about this topic. Bad visuals due to a totale time of 6 hours spent on this project.

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WHNC: Without humans there are no colors | Pietro Forino
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