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Introduction room | WHNC: Without humans there are no colors

Without humans

there are

no colors

Politecnico di Milano
Digital Art
Valentina Tanni, Vinicio Bordin.

Beatrice Barlassina,
Pietro Forino,
Luigi Di Gennaro,
Sara Saccoccio,
Ines Rana Telo,
Lorenzo Zanchetta.

Art direction
Exhibition Design

Create a concept of exhibition in which the human being is the protagonist in all its forms, and in which the public is able to interact with the space that surrounds it.
Exhibition | WHNC: Without humans there are no colors
Concept | WHNC: Without humans there are no colors

The concept

WHNC is an interactive exhibition that translate people's feelings and emotions into colors and shapes. The aim is to show visitors all those nuances that only the relationships with others can create. This exhibition listen to people from the inside, showing them how important the relationships are for human beings. Our goal is to start a reflection between people, leading them to go beyond prejudices. Diversity can be a point of affinity. Emotions would not be so significant if people would not exist. As colours don't exist without humans, emotions neither. From people's relations emotions grow faster.

Creative Idea | WHNC: Without humans there are no colors

Emotion's translation

Most scientists that have studied emotions, agree on five Universal Emotions: Enjoyment, Anger, Fear, Disgust and Sadness. These contextual feelings that all humans have in common and that can be measured by some specific parameters. The emotions have a fluid nature and in their changing nature, they can be associated to colours.

We analyzed and interpreted the expert's studies in such a way that the visual effect was as consistent as possible with what had been demonstrated. In this way an aesthetically pleasing effect is rendered while scientific accuracy is maintained.

Technology study | WHNC: Without humans there are no colors


The torch is the instrument through which it is possible to quantify the emotions of the people who carry it. Thanks to its embedded multiple sensors, the torch is capable to measure values like heart rate, skin conductivity, blood pressure and temperature. These values are then collected and mixed, in order to recognize the original emotion of each user. It is like a crystal ball that, almost magically, reads people and guides them in reading what they feel, translating it into color.

In a few words, it makes the invisible, visible.

Main room | WHNC: Without humans there are no colors


Thanks to the torches, the user is now able to understand its own emotions, but we wanted to do even more, and arrive to the next level. We studied designer a room completely projected thanks to beamers and sensors thoroughly placed in the right places. Thanks to them, all the environment could reacts to the emotions of the users inside, and creates fascinating and scenic transformations.

Each users have then a personal projection that follow her/him, with the form of a variable profile meta ball, of which the characteristics depend directly on the emotions the user is feeling at that precise moment.

Emotional card | WHNC: Without humans there are no colors


The richness of color is what makes beautiful and engaging the environment, as well as the richness of one relationship is what makes one's life brighter. Both on the walls and on the floor the texture is an abstract energy flow that connects all the visitors, making them a unique, living body.

To create a meaningful experience, each user will receive an experience card in which it's possible to see the recording of the emotions experienced during the exhibition. As if it were a clock, the card shows all the emotions experienced in a chronological sense, showing in different colours and shapes how other people have changed our way of being.

Branding | WHNC: Without humans there are no colors

Identity and communication

Like emotions, communication is designed to be dynamic. A communication system was devised and implemented involving a series of posters, a promo video and a teaser.

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