I shape ideas and concepts through meaningful interactions. The goal of each of my projects is to create experiences that create value for the end user. To do this, I harness my constant curiosity to find new solutions and new design methods. I love being with people, knowing their stories, learning and understanding their real needs, as well as studying with them the best solutions. Not only problem-solving but especially problem-finding.

In addition, I have been programming since I was 11 years old, prototyping with Arduino and having a lot of fun experimenting with 3D, video and branding. However, all of this remains a tool for me, and never the ultimate goal, and my constant search for new solutions leads me to projects in which I identify as a person and as a designer.

To date, my greatest interest finds shape in the marriage of physical and digital, aimed at creating unique experiences for each user. Communicative machines and interactive installations that take the relationship between designer and user to a new level of involvement.

Moreover, I am a graduate of Politecnico di Milano Communication Design and Digital and Interaction Design. In the last period, I have been specializing in the relationship between human beings and technology, analyzing and speculating on how the landscape of interaction design and our society is changing and will change with the advent of Artificial Intelligence.

I'm based in Milan🇮🇹, always open to new working experiences and collaborations.