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Scribble Loop

Scribble Loop.

Infinite-shared sketches

Politecnico di Milano
Creative Coding
Michele Mauri, Andrea Benedetti.

Beatrice Foresti,
Pietro Forino,
Emanuele Ghebaur,
Michele La Rosa .

Art Direction
Front-end dev

To create an online platform where users could have a moment of sharing, in whatever form.
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Creative Idea

What if you could draw an infinite sketch? Scribble loop takes time-wasting doodling to a whole new level. By sharing drawings, everyone can continue the drawings of others, leading to potentially infinite doodles. The result is an extremely fast-paced and dynamic, yet fun mini-game.

Our inspiration comes from the artist Pablo Rochat, who overcames the limit of the artist's canvas by creating an Instagram Stories shared "game". We started our project inspired by Pablo's idea and we made it bigger.

Gallery | Scribble Loop

Results and challenges

The project proved to be extremely stimulating both in terms of the idea and the fact that it would actually work. In addition, the pandemic context could also make this project a good pastime, and this was an incentive to do it even better than required. In short, in a few weeks I was able to acquire the basics of PHP and fine-tune my knowledge of javascript and P5js even better. Moreover, we inserted a strong random component: the user won't be able to decide the position of the canvas, the colors and weight of the stroke. Everything is up to scribbleloop, and the user will be "just" use his creativity to make the artwork unique.

But now stop wasting time, and scribble away on ScribbleLoop.

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