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Typographic posters



Politecnico di Milano
Typographic design
Marta Bernstein, Davide Mottes.

Individual Project


Design a series of three typograpic poster based on three songs.
Criminal poster | Typographic posters
Criminal poster | Typographic posters


The series of 3 posters is based on the remixes of three iconic songs (Seven Nation Army, Rerezzed and Waiting for the end) made by The Glitch Mob. For the unfamiliar, The Glitch Mob is an electronic group that founded its style on the distortion of sounds and on the musical glitch, which combined in a maniacal way manages to create a melody. So I asked myself: if these musics were converted into visual, what would they look like?

Criminal poster | Typographic posters

The graphic interpretation

For a further differentiation, the three posters also vary in the use of the colors and the sizes of the glitched boxes.
The font used is the Circular by Lineto. It's the only harmonic element in the posters, and its presence binds the whole and is enhanced as a typographic element. In this way, the posters convey the idea of technological error, but still keeping a classical graphic vein, typical of the original tracks.


I interpreted their destruction in a graphic key, generating three displacement maps, different for ripples and density depending on the rhythm and the amount of noise. The displacement maps has been realized at first with illustrator, but being extremely static and not realistic, I’ve coded a small program on P5.js in order to analyze the song and generate a custom map based on its beat.

Here the mini-app, realized in P5js