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Movel is an interactive experience that uses AI to detect the emotions of its users to create a tailor-made environment.
Movel: the future of the automotive experience | Pietro Forino

What if the car journeys could be exploited much better?

We found the answer by completely changing the onboard experience: undertsand the user's current emotions to update the environment in a unique way in order to generate good feelings. As a matter of fact, studies demonstrate that is possible to stimulate the production of hormones (e.g. serotonin, the hormones of happiness) by playing with lights (frequency and intensity) and sounds. The key was then to understand the How, and we created a fully-working prototype to test it.

Thanks to MorphCast SDK (by Cynny S.p.A.), we had the opportunity to read the emotions of our users easily and quickly. Being quite easy to use, we decided to bring the experience to a higher lever, by exploiting the service in an even more powerful way, by connecting it to Arduino.As far as we - and Cinny - know, we have been the firsts to create this connections. Results have been incredibly interesting, so much that they aroused the interest of MorphCast itself to the point of including us among their case studies to the point of including us among their case studies (alongside brands such as Dyson, Lexus, Verizon).

The user was immersed in a driverless car scenario, in which the whole environment was controlled. In the 5 minutes of experience, the protagonists were able to interact with the computer thanks to a gestural interface create by us in Unity with the use of a Leap Motion. In the meanwhile, they were able to observe how the environment was changing thanks to their emotions, affecting the sparial lights and the amnbient audio.

To bring the experience also outside the event itself, all the emotional states were stored and sent to another computer. Thanks to them, we had the possibility to generate unique emotional journeys for all the users, in which colours, heights and opacity were connected to the emotion, its strength and the arousal. All of these journey were then be printed in live a given to each user, making the experience worthy and unique.

Movel: the future of the automotive experience | Pietro Forino
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