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Introduction room | Morte. 13 solidi dubbi


13 solid doubts

Politecnico di Milano
Student collaboration
Francesco E. Guida, Marcello J. Biffi, Andrea Prozati.

Carlotta Bacchini,
Pietro Forino,
Alessandro Quets.

Art Direction
Front-end dev

Realize the digital identity of Morte13, the exhibition of the output realized during the cours of Final Synthesis.


Having completed the Final Synthesis course - all of which produced high-level outputs - it was decided to organise an independent exhibition in Isola, one of Milan's most fashionable districts at the time. Organising an event sponsored by the Politecnico but outside its premises was an extremely unique opportunity and a very interesting challenge.


To ensure that the identity of the exhibition did not cover the identity of the 13 projects, it was decided to adopt a Brutalist style. In this way, the catalogue, social media, flyers and website would be profiled as a blank canvas on which the projects could express themselves in their own way. Images therefore played a key role, while the identity of the exhibition did not even adopt a logotype, other than a highly recognisable style.

Mobile version | Morte. 13 solidi dubbi


All in black and white. Clean and eloquent. Two fonts - a serif and a sans - of one weight. One page per project and one homepage. Simple structure, pure visuals. Yet making everything coherent was a complex challenge: to think of a layout that would suit vertical and horizontal images of different contents, without creating disparities between projects. A very interesting challenge was also to make everything coherent in the mobile version, especially for the large amount of different hovers and scrolls.

Take a look at it

Exhibition @Triennale

Morte. 13 Solidi Dubbi is part of the exhibition "Il mestiere di grafico - oggi" (The graphic designer's job - today), an exhibition/workshop that aims to investigate the nature of the graphic designer's job in a contemporary key. In particular, the aim is to "bring out not only the content and visual language that characterises the graphic production of talented young people, but also the administrative and fiscal difficulties in organising themselves to sustain themselves and continue to experiment".

A great satisfaction that fully repays the efforts and work done.

Il mestiere di grafico oggi @ Triennale| Morte. 13 solidi dubbi
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