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Main frame | The weapon behind your mobile

The weapon

behind your mobile

Politecnico di Milano
Laboratorio di progetto della comunicazione visiva
Maria Luisa Galbiati, Luigi Bellavita, Gabriele Carbone.

Carlotta Bacchini,
Matteo Giovanni Bico,
Pietro Forino,
Leticia Julian Garcia,
Davide Perucchini,
Enzo Taboada.

Data analysis

A campaign to increase awareness about the use of the mobile phone when driving
Criminal poster | The weapon behind your mobile


The brief was to create a complete campaign for the Polizia Locale di Milano to raise awareness of mobile-phone-use when driving, one of the leading causes of death worldwide and in particular in Northern Italy.

The aim of the course was to create a 40 seconds spot and the right campaign to sponsor and promote it, with a previous accurate analysis of the problem and the previously competitors.

OOH communication | The weapon behind your mobile

Creative idea

Our creative idea was to bring the phone on the same level as classic weapons, like gun or a knife, showing the consequences of their misuse on a young person belonging to generation z, the public of our campaign.

The prison scenes has been shot in the Carcere di Sant'Agata, and abandoned prison in Bergamo, and all the details, as the light, the color correction, the protagonists and the soundtrack (Pas de Deux, Michael Abels, US the movie, Universal, 2019) has been accurately chosen in order to create the perfect atmosphere.

Set of the knife's crime scene | The weapon behind your mobile


The campaign devised and subsequently implemented comprised the 40-second spot, presented in extended and shortened versions, a guerrilla marketing campaign, and a reference website with information and call-to-action on the theme. The project was also presented on the Fuorisalone.tv platform in 2020. All the details and information about the project can be found on it's website.

Visit the project's online platform