I'm here to know you

University project
Art Director, Coder and maker
An interactive poster that through a heartbeat sensor exisits only when a user is interacting with it. The aim is to explore the evolution of the relationship between communicative medium and people.
I'm here to know you: Hearbeat generated poster | Pietro Forino

In a present time in which people increasingly demand personalized and unique communication, the future promises to be a stage for experimentation and incredible revolutions. From one-to-all, the communication will change to one-to-one, and everyone will have content created especially for them. "I'm here to know you" analyzes and proposes a critical vision of this phenomenon. In particular, it focuses on the user-medium relationship, overturning its logic: is no more the user that interacts with the poster, but is the poster that interacts with the user.

Thank's to the heartbeat sensor MAXREFDES117 – managed through an Arduino board –, "I'm here to know you" collects physiological data about the user, translating them into soft and organic shapes, whose colours, size and distortion vary from person to person. This is enhanced by a subwoofer hidden in the sensor holder, which by playing the pulse of a heart creates an unexpected and intimate sensation in the user.

From September to December, it's part of the exhibition The Next Poster / Kunst der Verführung at the designforum Steiermark in Graz.

I'm here to know you: Hearbeat generated poster - Opening at DesignForum | Pietro Forino

© Miriam Raneburger

I'm here to know you: Hearbeat generated poster | Pietro Forino
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