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I'm here to know you | Final render

I'm here to know you:



FH Joanneum
Plakat der Zukunft
Daniel Fabry

Pietro Forino

Creative direction
Interaction design
Visual design

Realize our idea of "poster of the future"
I'm here to know you | Scenographic mockup
I'm here to know you | Render to visualize the style and the final output


In a present time in which people increasingly demand personalized and unique communication, the future promises to be a stage for experimentation and incredible revolutions. From one-to-all, the communication will change to one-to-one, and everyone will have content created especially for them. "I'm here to know you" analyzes and proposes a critical vision of this phenomenon. In particular, it focuses on the user-medium relationship, overturning its logic: is no more the user that interacts with the poster, but is the poster that interacts with the user.

I'm here to know you | Collection of generated posters during the class exhibition


Thank's to a heartbeat sensor, "I'm here to know you" collects physiological data about the user, translating them into soft and organic shapes, whose colours, size and distortion vary from person to person. This is enhanced by a subwoofer hidden in the sensor holder, which by playing the pulse of a heart creates an unexpected and intimate sensation in the user.


Thanks to the incredible power of TouchDesigner, it has been possible to connect it easily the Arduino data through serial communication. In this way, the poster is not only able to read the user's parameters, but also detect if the user actually was there. The poster then goes in stand-by when nobody is interacting with it, and starts to be alive when someone is there. The one-to-one relationship is then even deeper, because the poster does not exisit without a user.

I'm here to know you | Picture of the installation


Sensors are then protagonists, but also the user has to feel part of that. I used a MAX REFDES 117, an incredible sensor which was able to return the infrared rays of blood vessels with high precision. From this data, has been possible to get the heartbeats, the saturation of the blood and single pulses. Then, thanks to TouchDesigner, this data have been converted in visuals and sounds.

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Reficio | Night render of the full experience


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