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Enviroblu: the power of light


the power of light

Collaboration with IsoProduzioni

Carlotta Bacchini,
Pietro Forino.

Business Strategy

A concept application created with the precise aim to survive on the market only with the sales of datas collected from the users.
Details render | Enviroblu: the power of light


During the pandemic I had the opportunity to work on a project that is more topical than ever: the promotion campaign for a UV-C steriliser. Being a product of a non-established brand, it was a stimulating and at the same time complex challenge to create a strong identity that did not fall into the banal. The object in question differed from its competitors in a number of ways, such as audience, functionality and design.

Details render | Enviroblu: the power of light


Enviroblu is the World's no.1 certified Bacteria and Virus Buster. Being a different product, I tried to realize a different way to communicate it, making a website to tell the story of it's technological innovation. That has been made possible thanks to a scroll-responsive page: by scrolling, a series of 3D animations are activated, immersing the user in an innovative, 360° narrative. On the copywriting I worked alongside Carlotta Bacchini, who then took care of the design and 3D rendering.

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Backstage | Enviroblu: the power of light


Having developed the tone of voice, again in collaboration with designer Bacchini, we went ahead with the design of a B2C video and a B2B video. Being two very different targets, we thought of two independent plots with different purposes. If the B2C was aimed at the wow effect, the B2B is more informative and illustrative.


The creative idea was therefore fundamental to ensure the enough users to actually make a profit, and at the same time the context had to ensure that someone could buy those datas. The result has been an application for sex education, a topic still considered taboo in Italy, which would allow the collection of practical data on users (a kind of data extremely difficult to collect) to be sold to condom companies and to the scientific community, in a unique way.
Bettered is the first app to offers both therorical and pratical tips. The working-prototype has been completely designed and realized with Framer X.

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