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DaPong: much more than a beer pong


much more than

a beer pong

Politecnico di Milano
Hardware & Software Technology for Design
Paolo Perego, Roberto Sironi, Gabriele Viscardi.

Pietro Forino,
Luigi Di Gennaro,
Lorenzo Zanchetta.

Physical prototyping

Revolutionise a game that today costs less than 20€ by making it interactive and with at least a digital component.
Working schema | DaPong: much more than a beer pong
Internal structure | DaPong: much more than a beer pong


Dapong is a new way to play beer pong with a smart board able to move, store points and light up to give an interactive experience. For all the brave people who are not afraid of the shame of the Saturday night, daPong is for you. A Beer Pong 2.0 with multiple upgrades, for a new and always different experience. A dynamic, innovative and socializer game for all the 18+ all over the world.

Starting the match | DaPong: much more than a beer pong


The possibility of printing the pieces ourselves has allowed us to work in detail, and to produce not one, not two, but three different prototypes. Their physical characteristics are the result of continuous studies and the constant desire to create a product that is feasible even on a large scale.

Every single piece has been studied to perfection, printed and reprinted countless times until a perfect combination of effectiveness and beauty has been achieved. We've also designed our glasses, in a material chosen for its light-diffuse characteristics.

Application for set and control the match | DaPong: much more than a beer pong

App design

The whole thing lacked the spicy touch that only one thing could give it: Bluetooth. Everything is better with Bluetooth.

For this (and other) reasons we've created also the application. Via the Android Broadcast and the bridge app, the communication between Protopie and Dapong is almost simultaneous, making it possible to make the most of their powers. The possibility of using formulas and variables directly on Protopie also made it possible to lighten part of the load on Bluefruit.

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