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new digital identity


Pietro Forino,
Carlotta Bacchini.

Art Direction
Front-end dev

Re-design the digital identity of AIS/Design by creating the new website.

Dynamic identity

For the identity of AIS/Design it had already been decided not to create an identifying logotype. This allowed us not to characterise a period or a style, but rather to create a mode of composition, always the same and recognisable. In this way, the branding activity is independent of typeface and medium.

In the work I have carried out, this dynamism is underlined by a constant variation of typography, through the vertical scrolling on the page.

Dynamic identity | AIS/Design

Results and challenges

On the one hand, the website aims to present the association, mentioning its members, statutes and initiatives. On the other hand, it aims to collect content, acting both as an archive of old material and as a noticeboard for new material.

Take a look @ AIS/Design.org.

Desktop versions | AIS/Design
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