Politecnico di Milano
Typographic Design
Marta Bernstein, Davide Mottes.
Editorial grid
The task consisted in the creation of a 17x24cm bnw specimen of a font of one's choice, which would highlight its nature and its most particular characteristics.

the typeface

GT Sectra is a serif character that combines the calligraphic influence of the wide-point pen with the sharpness of the scalpel, which defines its contemporary appearance. The family is distinguished by its high readability while maintaining a unique visual character. The GT Sectra subfamily for the press was designed for "Reportagen" magazine, a bimonthly publication that aims to collect publications from around the world. The design studio Moiré accompanied the entire production process, designing not only the magazine but also the typeface, which led to the victory of Design Price Switzerland in 2013. For the release of the font, they collaborated with Noël Leu of Grilli Type to expand the family to three subfamilies, adding GT Sectra Fine and GT Sectra Display.


the specimen

My project aims to show the geometric nature of the Gt Sectra, highlighting how and where the cuts were made in a scientific way. The specimen analyzes the history of the font, the glyphs, its geometric structure and all the most famous applications that have been made.