Hansel & Gretel

and the cursed medallion

Politecnico di Milano
Laboratorio di Computer Grafica
Maresa Bertolo, Francesco Bruschi, Loredana Micoli.
3D Modelling
3D Rendering
Art director
Game Design
create a platform game based on a “Once upon a time“ tale, but set 10 years later.

the game

We chose the fairytale "Hansel and Gretel", giving to it an horror/Tim Burton style. Using Autodesk 3ds Max for the 3D part and Vray for the textures and renders, we created the visual part, and thanks to the 2d game framework Phaser we’ve make it playable (unfortunately on desktop only). The ambientations, the renders and the spirtes has been modelled from zero, and most of the textures has been realized by our own.

the ambientations

The accuracy of the renderings has been obtained thanks to the the study of the physical parameters of the textures and their real correspondents. A careful use of light and its dusty nature has permitted us to make the scene particularly creepy, by using volume lights and ambient fog.

let's play

The game is playable from any computer device, unfortunately we didn't had the opportunuty to convert it in a mobile game.

play the full game