Politecnico di Milano
Sociologia dei processi culturali
Matteo Ciastellardi, Stefano Calzati.
Art director
Data Analysis
analyzed the phenomenon of Brexit from the political and the sociological point of view.

the project

For the course Sociologia dei Processi Culturali, attended during the academic year 2018/2019 with Professors Ciastellardi and Calzati at the Politecnico di Milano, we analyzed the phenomenon of Brexit, from its birth until May 27, 2019. Following an in-depth research, not only on the phenomenon itself but also on the perception that the population has had of it, we have developed two different translations, a Transmediale and a Crossmediale.

the translations

The first one was the creation of a board game - UeScape - based on the logic of the game "Gioco dell’Oca", in order to better understand the dynamics of Brexit and the complexity of this event. For the second output we created a website, which in a few pages summarized the phenomenon by explaining the events of greater weight, the protagonists and the possible consequences.

the prototype

So we developed a website with the precise aim to make the phenomenon of the Brexit easier. Beginning with the analysis and the presentation of the protagonists and the most important events, we created a storytelling that retraced Brexit's highlights.
Brex¿t is the first website about Brexit made by young people for young people.

try the full experience


For this project we have been nominated winners of the Premio Nostalgia di Futuro, and awarded at the Senato della Repubblica Italiana, in Palazzo Madama.