Politecnico di Milano
Strategia ed Economia del Progetto
Tommaso Buganza.
Business Strategy
A concept application created with the precise aim to survive on the market only with the sales of datas collected from the users.

the problem

Sexual intercourse can be unsatisfactory for both partners involved, but not often an expert is consulted to understand the motivation. Moreover, people under 30 are less and less prepared on the subject and sexual intercourse is increasingly emphasized as a mystical topic, sometimes as a taboo, and the fact that less and less people talk to people and more and more with blogs and forums, leads to misunderstandings on the subject.

the solution

Bettered is an application that will provide not only information about sexual intercourse in general and how to prevent it, but also advice tailored to the individual, with the aim of achieving optimal sexual intercourse (such as what might be the best time, or what diet is most effective, or the type of condom or position). This would not only bring immediate benefits to the individual in question, but would also allow a large amount of useful research data to be collected.

the prototype

The creative idea was therefore fundamental to ensure the enough users to actually make a profit, and at the same time the context had to ensure that someone could buy those datas. The result has been an application for sex education, a topic still considered taboo in Italy, which would allow the collection of practical data on users (a kind of data extremely difficult to collect) to be sold to condom companies and to the scientific community, in a unique way.
Bettered is the first app to offers both therorical and pratical tips. The working-prototype has been completely designed and realized with Framer X.

try the prototype